Great Hairstyles For Swimming

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Prepare to make a splash with your locks! In the world of swimming, style meets functionality, and we're here to guide you through the best hairstyles that will keep your hair looking fabulous both in and out of the water. From sleek buns to protective braids, get ready to dive into a world of stylish swimming hairdos.

Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just starting to make waves, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the tips, tricks, and inspiration you need to keep your hair healthy, tangle-free, and looking its best during your aquatic adventures.

Popular Hairstyles for Swimming

Great hairstyles for swimming

Swimming hairstyles should prioritize functionality, protecting hair from chlorine damage while minimizing drag in the water. Options range from short bobs to long braids, each with its advantages and drawbacks.

Short Hair

Short hair is ideal for swimmers due to its low maintenance and reduced drag. Popular options include:

- Pixie Cut: This ultra-short cut keeps hair out of the face and minimizes water resistance.
- Bob: A bob cut, typically ending at the chin or shoulder, offers versatility and can be styled with a side part or bangs.

Medium Hair

Medium-length hair provides more styling options while still maintaining functionality:

- Braided Ponytail: A tight braid pulled into a high ponytail keeps hair secure and away from the face.
- Half-Up Bun: This style combines a sleek bun at the crown with loose hair flowing below, reducing drag while keeping the top dry.

Long Hair

Long hair can be challenging for swimming but with proper care and styling, it's manageable:

- Dutch Braids: These tight braids from the roots create a secure and waterproof hold.
- French Twist: Twisting hair into a low bun at the nape of the neck keeps it off the shoulders and minimizes water resistance.

Protective Hairstyles for Swimming

Protective hairstyles are essential for swimmers who want to prevent hair damage and tangles. These hairstyles keep hair out of the water and away from chlorine and other chemicals that can damage hair.


Braids are a classic protective hairstyle for swimming. They are easy to create and can be worn in a variety of styles. Braids also help to keep hair detangled and free of knots.


Buns are another great protective hairstyle for swimming. They are easy to create and can be worn high or low on the head. Buns also help to keep hair out of the water and away from chemicals.


Twists are a versatile protective hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of styles. They are easy to create and can be worn up or down. Twists also help to keep hair detangled and free of knots.

Accessories for Swimming Hairstyles

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Enhance your swimming hairstyles and keep your hair protected with the right accessories. Hair ties, headbands, and clips can help you achieve a secure and stylish look while preventing tangles and damage.

Choose hair accessories made from waterproof materials like silicone or plastic to ensure they stay in place during your swim. Look for designs that provide a snug fit without being too tight, preventing hair breakage.

Hair Ties

  • Use spiral hair ties or scrunchies to minimize hair breakage and prevent tangles.
  • Opt for hair ties with a smooth surface to avoid snagging or pulling on hair.
  • Wrap hair ties around your hair twice to ensure a secure hold.


  • Wide, elastic headbands can help keep hair off your face and prevent flyaways.
  • Choose headbands made from moisture-wicking materials to keep your forehead dry.
  • li>Look for headbands with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.


  • Bobby pins or hair clips can be used to secure loose strands or bangs.
  • Choose clips made from rust-resistant materials to prevent discoloration.
  • Use a few clips strategically placed to keep hair in place without adding unnecessary weight.

Styling Techniques for Swimming Hairstyles

Styling techniques are crucial for keeping your hair neat and tidy while swimming. Using the right products and applying them correctly can make a significant difference in how your hair looks and feels after a swim.

Applying Styling Products

  • Before swimming: Apply a small amount of mousse, gel, or pomade to damp hair. This will help create a barrier between your hair and the water, preventing it from absorbing too much chlorine or salt.
  • After swimming: Rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water to remove any chlorine or salt. Then, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair mask to help restore moisture and prevent damage.

Choosing the Right Products

When choosing styling products for swimming, it's important to select ones that are water-resistant and will not weigh your hair down. Look for products that are specifically designed for swimmers or for use in humid environments.

Tips for Styling

  • Use a wide-tooth comb: This will help prevent tangles and breakage.
  • Avoid using hairspray: Hairspray can make your hair stiff and crunchy, making it more difficult to manage.
  • Let your hair air dry: This will help prevent damage from heat styling.

Hair Care Tips for Swimming

Maintaining healthy hair while swimming requires specific care techniques to protect it from the damaging effects of chlorine and other chemicals in pool water. Here are some essential tips to keep your hair looking and feeling its best after a swim:

Rinse with Fresh Water

After swimming, thoroughly rinse your hair with fresh water to remove chlorine and other chemicals that can cause dryness and damage. Use lukewarm water and avoid using hot water, which can further strip your hair of its natural oils.

Deep Condition

Use a deep conditioner once or twice a week to restore moisture and repair any damage caused by swimming. Apply the conditioner to wet hair and leave it on for the recommended amount of time before rinsing. Deep conditioners help to strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and improve overall hair health.

Protect Hair from Chlorine

Before swimming, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to your hair to create a barrier between your hair and the chlorine. This will help to minimize the absorption of chemicals into your hair and reduce damage.

Hair Care Products for Swimmers

There are several hair care products specifically designed for swimmers. These products contain ingredients that help to protect hair from chlorine and other chemicals, as well as repair any damage that may occur. Look for products that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and contain UV protectants.


So, there you have it – the ultimate guide to rocking great hairstyles while swimming. With the right hairstyle, accessories, and care routine, you can keep your hair looking and feeling its best, no matter how many laps you swim. Dive in with confidence, knowing that your hair is ready to make a splash!

Key Questions Answered

What's the best hairstyle for swimming if I have long hair?

Braids are a great option for long hair, as they keep it tangle-free and protected from chlorine.

Can I use regular hairspray while swimming?

No, regular hairspray will not hold up in water and may weigh your hair down. Use a water-resistant hairspray specifically designed for swimming.

How often should I wash my hair after swimming?

Rinse your hair with fresh water after every swim to remove chlorine and other chemicals. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times per week.