Camp Mosey Wood

Embark on an extraordinary journey at Camp Mosey Wood, a haven nestled amidst nature’s embrace, where adventure, camaraderie, and personal growth intertwine seamlessly. Immerse yourself in a world of thrilling activities, nurturing programs, and an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Discover the magic of Camp Mosey Wood, where memories are made and dreams take flight.

Camp Mosey Wood Overview

Camp Mosey Wood

Camp Mosey Wood, established in 1956, is a premier outdoor education center dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship, personal growth, and community building among youth.

Nestled amidst 300 acres of pristine woodlands in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Camp Mosey Wood offers an array of facilities designed to enhance the camper experience. These include comfortable cabins, a state-of-the-art dining hall, a nature center, and a fully equipped archery range.


Camp Mosey Wood provides a diverse range of programs tailored to different age groups and interests. These programs emphasize hands-on learning, exploration, and adventure, with a focus on developing essential life skills and fostering a love for the natural world.

  • Summer Camp: A traditional summer camp experience for youth ages 6-16, featuring a variety of activities such as hiking, canoeing, swimming, and arts and crafts.
  • School Programs: Field trips and overnight programs designed to complement classroom learning, with a focus on environmental education, team building, and leadership development.
  • Family Programs: Weekend and holiday programs that provide opportunities for families to connect with nature and each other through guided hikes, campfire gatherings, and educational workshops.
  • Outdoor Leadership Training: Programs for teens and adults interested in developing leadership skills in the outdoors, with a focus on wilderness survival, risk management, and group dynamics.

Camp Activities and Programs

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Camp Mosey Wood offers an extensive range of activities and programs designed to cater to the diverse interests and skill levels of our campers. Our programs are carefully planned to provide a balance of educational and recreational experiences that foster personal growth, teamwork, and a love for the outdoors.

Our activities are grouped into several categories, each offering unique opportunities for learning and development. These categories include:

Arts and Crafts

Our arts and crafts program encourages campers to express their creativity and imagination. Activities include painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, and jewelry making. These activities help develop fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and an appreciation for the arts.

Adventure Activities, Camp Mosey Wood

Campers seeking excitement and challenges will find our adventure activities exhilarating. These activities include rock climbing, zip-lining, archery, and mountain biking. They promote physical fitness, coordination, and a sense of accomplishment.

Water Activities

Our waterfront activities provide a refreshing and enjoyable way to cool off and have fun. Campers can participate in swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. These activities promote water safety, teamwork, and an appreciation for the natural environment.

Sports and Games

We offer a variety of sports and games to encourage physical activity and sportsmanship. Activities include basketball, soccer, volleyball, and capture the flag. These activities promote teamwork, fair play, and healthy competition.

Nature Exploration

Our nature exploration activities connect campers with the wonders of the natural world. Activities include hiking, wildlife observation, nature journaling, and environmental education. These activities foster an appreciation for the environment, scientific inquiry, and a sense of stewardship.

Camp Environment and Atmosphere

Camp Mosey Wood

Nestled amidst verdant forests and sparkling lakes, Camp Mosey Wood boasts a breathtaking natural setting that fosters a deep connection with the outdoors. The camp’s pristine environment provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing campers to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

Camp Mosey Wood is a haven of inclusivity, where every camper is valued and respected. The camp’s diverse community welcomes campers from all backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging. Campers are encouraged to embrace their unique talents and perspectives, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Safety and Support

The safety and well-being of campers is paramount at Camp Mosey Wood. The camp employs a team of highly trained and experienced staff who are dedicated to providing a secure and supportive environment. Regular safety drills and comprehensive risk assessments ensure that campers are always protected.

Campers have access to a fully equipped infirmary staffed by a registered nurse. The camp also maintains close relationships with local emergency services, ensuring prompt medical attention if needed. In addition, Camp Mosey Wood has a strict code of conduct that prohibits bullying, harassment, and other forms of inappropriate behavior.

Camp Staff and Leadership: Camp Mosey Wood

Camp Mosey Wood’s dedicated team of professionals ensures a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for all campers. Our staff undergoes rigorous background checks and receives comprehensive training to equip them with the skills necessary to guide and inspire our young participants.

Our counselors and mentors play a pivotal role in shaping the camp experience. They are passionate educators, experienced outdoors enthusiasts, and positive role models who provide individualized attention and guidance to each camper. Through daily interactions, they foster a sense of community, encourage personal growth, and instill a love for nature.

Leadership Opportunities

Camp Mosey Wood recognizes the importance of fostering leadership qualities in our campers. We offer a range of programs and activities designed to empower campers to take on leadership roles within the camp community. These opportunities include:

  • Peer mentoring programs that pair experienced campers with younger campers, providing guidance and support.
  • Leadership training workshops that equip campers with communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Opportunities to lead camp activities, such as organizing hikes, facilitating group discussions, or leading evening campfires.

Camp Impact and Legacy

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Camp Mosey Wood has had a profound and lasting impact on the lives of countless campers. The camp’s unique blend of adventure, learning, and community fosters personal growth, leadership skills, and a lifelong love for the outdoors.

Over the years, Camp Mosey Wood has received countless testimonials from former campers and staff who credit the camp with shaping their lives. Many campers report increased confidence, independence, and a stronger sense of self-esteem after attending camp. The camp’s emphasis on teamwork and cooperation also helps campers develop valuable social skills.

Contributions to the Community and the Outdoors

In addition to its impact on individual campers, Camp Mosey Wood also makes significant contributions to the community and the outdoors. The camp partners with local schools and organizations to provide outdoor education programs and scholarships for underprivileged youth. The camp also maintains and protects its natural surroundings, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same pristine environment.

Ending Remarks

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As you bid farewell to Camp Mosey Wood, the memories you have forged and the lessons you have learned will stay with you long after your departure. This exceptional camp has not only provided an unforgettable experience but has also ignited a passion for the outdoors, fostered a spirit of adventure, and instilled a deep appreciation for the power of community. Camp Mosey Wood’s legacy extends beyond its borders, enriching the lives of its campers and inspiring a lifelong love for nature and adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for campers at Camp Mosey Wood?

Camp Mosey Wood welcomes campers between the ages of 8 and 16.

What types of activities are offered at the camp?

Camp Mosey Wood offers a wide range of activities, including hiking, swimming, archery, crafts, nature exploration, and team-building challenges.

How do I register my child for Camp Mosey Wood?

You can register your child for Camp Mosey Wood by visiting our website or contacting our registration office.

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