11+ Delphi Get Enum Name

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11+ Delphi Get Enum Name. } kindname := system.typinfo.getenumname(system.typeinfo(ttypekind), ord(info^.kind)); Enum styles { plaid, striped,.

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To get a name of enumerated value. // returns test1 to get the enum from a (string) name, use. C# get enum values reflection.

To Get The Name Of A Enum Variable Use Name():

You can obtain the type information for a type by calling the typeinfo function in delphi or the __delphirtti operator. Return string name of enum c#. The following example illustrates the use of getname.

An Enumeration Is Essentially A Set Of Named Constants.

Getenumname is a function to get the string representation of the ordinal value the first parameter (typeinfo: To get a name of enumerated value. If info^.kind = tkinteger then.

Typeinfo Is The Type Information Record That Describes The Enumerated Type.

Description getenumvalue is a function to get the ordinal value of an enumeration value. To get a name of enumerated value. You can even write a generic convert function that should be able to convert any enum class to its underlying type(c++14):

Ptypeinfo) Is A Pointer To The Typeinfo Of The Enumeration Type.

Enum styles { plaid, striped,. Retrieve string value from enum integer c#. Ptypeinfo is a pointer to the typeinfo of the enumeration.

For Example, If You Have The Some Enum Type.

Since your value also happens to match with ordinals you could. The name is converted into a string and returned if the value is a vlid enumeration value. Show the string value of enum c# in.