12+ Inumaki X Reader

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12+ Inumaki X Reader. You had no idea how long inumaki had harbored these feelings for you. Inumaki toge hold your face in his hand, he feels as though he is holding the world, his world in his hands.

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Pulling away, a little breathless another shiver goes down your. Inumaki toge x reader by himiko 2.5m 123k 64 youre an ordinary girl who recently joined jujutsu tech to become a jujutsu sorcerer, in hopes of making the world a better place. You had no idea he even had these.

Inumaki Toge Hold Your Face In His Hand, He Feels As Though He Is Holding The World, His World In His Hands.

Jujutsu kaisen x reader 12 inumaki toge. Your trembling had stopped slowly and you swallowed thickly. Yandere behaviour, noncon kissing, murder.

Inumaki Toge X Reader By Himiko 2.5M 123K 64 Youre An Ordinary Girl Who Recently Joined Jujutsu Tech To Become A Jujutsu Sorcerer, In Hopes Of Making The World A Better Place.

You looked at him in the eye and listened to his calm and soothing voice. Inumaki gently presses his warm palms against your cheeks, looking deeply into. You had no idea he even had these.

You Had No Idea How Long Inumaki Had Harbored These Feelings For You.

Dongnhan fushiguromegumi gojo gojosatoru itadoriyuuji jjk jujutsukaisen megumi [trans] inumaki toge x reader. Pulling away, a little breathless another shiver goes down your. M!reader is a calm, chill and always liked to study human’s behaviors and curses since he was pretty much isolated in his younger ages so when meeting others he was quickly interested in.

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